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Meet your photographer

Meet Your Photographer

Hello Boudie Babes! My name is Cheyenne Kidwell. I'm a stay at home wife and have 5 amazing fur babies. I've been with my high school sweet heart, hubby, for 11 years and married for 6. We live in North Vernon. I have done photography for about 5 years. As soon as I started photography Boudoir was my go-to that I started with and I fell in-love with it. Making people see how others see them and see how beautiful they really are has always been my goal. I want to be the person I always wished I had growing up. Someone who would hype me up and teach me to love every part of me. Someone who taught me to see the beauty in the things I didn't like about myself. After many years I've finally learned to love the body I have now, so when I have the body I want, I will love it even more. I hope to be that person for each and every one of you beautiful souls! I love working with all the beautiful humans that book with me to help them see and recognize their true beauty and the confidence they can have! It would be my honor to work with you as well. I believe beauty is not bound by size, shape, race, gender, sexuality, or age. Beauty is not one thing or one look, not one color, or one size. People of all ages, shapes, sizes, & race are GORGEOUS! All individuals & couples together deserve to be appreciated and celebrated. I can't wait to hear from you and hope to capture your true beauty soon!

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The Answers You Need

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! At the time of booking, the non-refundable session fee is required to hold your spot and the balance can be broken up into payments.

Will there be an ordering session?

There can be. Each package comes with a set number of digitals but I'd be more than happy to help you get luxury products ordered. We will take the time to go through the images and create albums and artwork you'll absolutely love!

Do you have lingerie or should I bring my own?

We have a full client closet for you to choose from! You are more than welcome bring your own outfits if you'd like.

I don't want my photos posted online, is that okay?

100% okay! We completely understand and won't publish any photos unless you give permission.

What if I don't want hair and makeup done or want to do it on my own, will that change my session price?

Short answer, no. Hair and makeup is complimentary with your session, so opting out of it does not change the pricing.

How many photos will you take/how many images will I receive?

We never have a set amount of images but we can assure you that you'll have plenty to choose your final images from. We only show the best of the best. The amount you will receive all depends on the package you choose! You will receive our full package and print list after inquiry.

How long will my shoot be?

Hair and makeup can take an hour to an hour and a half. Shoot time depends of which package you choose.

I'm nervous about my session. What do you suggest? Can I bring someone with me?

Nerves are totally normal before these sessions. We promise once we start shooting and get into our groove your nerves will go right out the window and we will have so much fun! Friends and family are not permitted at boudoir sessions without prior approval.

Should I spray tan or wax before a session?

If you wax before a session make it atleast 2-3 days before the session so there is no redness or irritation bumps. We do ask you prevent spray tanning before the session as the spray tan gives off an orange tint in camera/photos.

I don't know how to pose, will you help me?

Yes, of course! We will help you with posing you from head to toe. We will also pose in that same position so you can see firsthand what we want you to do.

How can I book a session?

Feel free to email us by going to the contact page, here on the site, or you can message us on the Facebook page linked to the site as well.

Who can do a session?

We serve everyone, of any lifestyle, gender, size, sexuality. We are here to help everyone learn to love themselves and see themselves for who they truly are. Their walk of life shouldn't determine their opportunity to do just that. We strive to provide a  boudior experience in which you finally see yourself as the strong beautiful being you really are. Therefore here at Boudie On Point we welcome everyBODY!!

Where are you located?

I lives in North Vernon, however I do most of the shoots from airbnbs or hotel rooms I rent in Columbus, Madison, Seymour, Versailles, or Indianapolis. I do service most of Southern Indiana. Don't see your locations? Ask me! I also travel for an additional fee!!

Beauty isn't a size.
Confidence isn't a shape.
It's a mindset.

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