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Hello @everyone Hang with me for a moment as this is going to be kinda long. Updates about the business at the very bottom of this post. 🩷

I just wanted to update everyone. I’ve been getting tons of messages about people wanting to do a photoshoot or asking if I still do them. Yes, I still do them. From now on it will just be me doing them. Mikayla Price will be taking time off from photography. She has her own personal stuff going on in her life that she wants to focus on and I 100% support her. (There are no problems between us. I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea and thinking there is beef between us. There isn’t. She is completely fine, happy, and healthy. If she chooses to share what’s going on that’s her decision and if not, please, just support her decisions. It’s nothing bad I promise.) I appreciate her SO much for going on this journey with me for the last 4ish years and being a constant support in not only our business/career but in my life.

I took about a year an a half off of photography, only doing a few shoots here and there. For those of you that don’t know I got covid/covid pneumonia the first week of January 2022. Was in the hospital for a week and on oxygen for 7 month. Following that I got diagnosed with high blood pressure, my childhood asthma came back, in October I found out I was type 2 diabetic, and in june 2022, hit my highest weight of 268lbs. I was VERY unhealthy. March 28th, 2023 I had weightloss surgery. I am now down to 212lbs. I don’t take meds for my high blood pressure anymore. My t2d is now in remission. My A1C went from a 7.4 (in October 2022) to a 5.0 (as of June this year). I needed this time off to get myself healthier and focus on myself. I’m feel SO much better. I’m happier and healthier than I think I’ve ever been in my life.

Now, with that being said. I’m back to doing photography if anyone would like to book. I will be hosting shoots here and there, but if you would like a shoot on a date that I’m not hosting one you’re more than welcome to book a shoot any day you would like. You don’t have to wait for me to host a shoot to book. (I will let you know if the day you want doesn’t work with me) If you want to book please message my Boudie On Point Photography page, email my business email, your welcome to post in this group and ask that I message/email you, or inquire through my website. It’s very hard for me to answer inquires on my personal page, as they sometimes get lost in the mix or sent to request/spam folder.

I am wanting to start hosting “themed shoots” in the near future. I have many idea of themes I want to do.

Here are some of the themes I have in mind and might be doing in the future. I’m sure I’ll think of more later on. 😂


Neon Night/Neon Paint



Cloud/Holographic Tinsel Set

Faux Shower

Faux Angel Wings

Rain Room


Candy Land

Body Chains/Jewelry


Stay Wild (Animal Print)


Playboy Bunny




Gold Flake


Fake Money

Between the sheets

Blood Bath


Also, incase you didn’t know, aside from just boudoir, I do erotica photography and labor & delivery photography. I occasionally do couples, best friends, weddings, engagements, & maternity. If you want to know if I do other photoshoots as well just ask me and I’ll let you know.

I’ve updated the website and my pricing! I also have other groups on a different platform that’s attached to my website. On those I can post my more “risky” photos without getting banned/flagged/taken down. Feel free to check everything out! Thank you for taking the time to read all this. I appreciate each and everyone of you. 💜 Happy 4th everyone. Be safe!🩷🩵

*p.s. invite your friends to join the group(s)


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